Define a new number format. To add additional numbered items to your list, move the insertion point to the end of a line formatted with a number and press Enter.To stop entering items in the list, press Enter twice. In the Enter formatting for number text box, Word displays the number formatting for the selected list level. For each entry: Select the word or words that you want to include as a table of contents entry. You can change the appearance of lists globally in the preamble, or just for single lists using the optional argument of the environment. Use bullets when the order of the items doesn’t matter. Y ou have the following number options:. Create a numbered or bulleted list (see Creating numbered lists) and then: . If you don't want to use styles, you can use TC codes to mark text you want to be in a TOC. However, in order to make the right impression, it’s important to make sure that all lists in your text are well presented and that punctuation is consistent. Lists are used all the time on the web. 3. Click a page or slide where you want to add a list. What steps should you follow to access the options for alphabetizing a bulleted list? Position the cursor where you want to insert the number list. Tip: To make all paragraphs in the column bulleted, select the whole column by clicking just outside the column border. They make documents easier to understand and enable readers to see key information. ; To change the font, format or color of the bullet, click Font. A bit more guidance on this can be obtained at W3Schools.. T his page shows how to make different kinds of numbered lists. The new list … You can convert paragraphs in your document into a bulleted list. In the Define new Multilevel list dialog box: . Don’t overdo it. The Mark Table of Contents Entry dialog box appears. ; 3. ), Word displays the AutoCorrect Options button and begins building a bulleted or numbered list. Customizing the look of the bullets in your list can help you emphasize certain list items or personalize the design of your list. In the head of your web page, add the following code: