Faded leaves or poor coloration can happen due to improper lighting, whether too little or too much light. From then on, the plant should be kept moist, not wet. I always take my Calathea to the sink to water it, and let it drain for at least 5 minutes before returning it to its normal spot. Place the tiny growths or leaf cuttings in potting soil, keeping them moist until the development of roots. Marcel is also the founder of Iseli International Commerce, a sole proprietorship company that publishes a variety of websites and online magazines. Feed your zebra plant with a standard liquid houseplant fertilizer. I collect rainwater to water all of my calatheas, although this is more as a precaution. It’s almost effortless to grow new plants from leaf cuttings or the small new growths. Fertilize monthly through the growing season, situate in bright, filtered light where temperatures range between 65°F to 75°F and create humidity of >60% ideally. Lighting: bright indirect sunlight. the Calathea in the new pot and fill the remainder of it with soil, being sure You have several options from relatively maintenance-free to those that take a little bit of effort to give the Calathea the humidity it requires. The quality of the planting mix … Care: frequent watering, higher humidity, warm temperatures. Make sure to plant the divided section no deeper than it was If you have a natural humid room like the bathroom or kitchen where water is constantly used and has the needed light conditions, your Zebra Plant will grow well there. See my article about how to raise humidity levels for your houseplants for more detail. Plant name: Calathea Zebrina, Zebra Plant. Fill Calathea Zebrina propagation. Although, it’s mostly placed indoors, whether Calathea zebrina will grow outside or not largely depends on the climatic conditions as it’s a tropical plant. how to identify, fix and prevent root rot. He has a deep passion for houseplants & gardening and is constantly on the lookout for yet another special plant to add to his arsenal of houseplants, succulents & cacti. The plant would grow well if you place it near an east or a west window with curtain (or shade from a tree). ... Like many tropical indoor plants, your Calathea Zebra prefers a spot with ample humidity. your Calathea zebrina to the sink and allow the water to run slowly through the Is the bathroom a good spot for my Calathea zebrina? Zebra plants require a peat-based potting mix. Regularly feel the top of the soil for moistness and water if it’s starting to feel dry and lose its moisture content. When replicating this soil at home for your potted Zebra Plant, it’s best to use a fertile, peaty mixture with good drainage. Native to warm and humid tropical rainforest regions of southeastern Brazil, Calathea zebrina is classified as an herbaceous perennial that will give you years of healthy growth when given proper care. Propagating during this time yields luscious and healthy new plants. Although Calathea zebrina is not a very easy-to-keep houseplant, the kind of beauty that it flaunts makes it all totally worth it. All of these pests are easily identified and controlled. However, those made of a porous material like terra cotta will allow the soil to dry out quicker that those made of plastic and require more frequent watering. Calathea encompasses a range of popular tropical houseplants including the striking zebra plant, rattlesnake plant and peacock plant. Here is what I’ve been using for the last few years with great success. However, don’t place the plant in temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You will probably only have to worry about flushing Water the soil to For more information, see my articles on how to fix an overwatered plant and how to identify, fix and prevent root rot. settle it. Using filtered water or rainwater is a good option. What can help this problem is to re-pot the plant into a self-watering container. In case your plant exhibits such signs, inspect the soil and water the plant if the soil is dry. The leaves are silky to the touch and grow horizontally from long stalks, concealing its undersides that are colored a rich reddish-purple (2). The calathea zebrina is commonly known as the zebra plant. Flush the soil ever to remove any salt build up that can also lead to brown foliage. originally growing. Avoid putting direct breeze on the plant, instead going for a small fan placed on a low-height near the plant to create a balanced circulation for the whole space. Calathea Zebrina, or the “zebra plant” The calathea zebrina, otherwise known as the zebra plant, is a really common calathea houseplant variety. When grown indoors as a houseplant, Calathea zebrina rarely blooms. Outstanding foliage; Statement plant; Ideal for humid bathrooms; High fascination value; Plant Level: Intermediate Comes in a 14cm or 19cm Nursery Pot. But at the same time, you must make sure that the plant doesn’t sit in deep water. The insects suck the inner juices from the plant’s Like the other pests, they suck juices from the plant. Calathea zebrina has no major disease problems other than root rot due to conditions that are too wet. Calathea zebrina’s pruning requirements are low and the only trimming you will most likely have to worry about is snipping off any dead or dying foliage. Misting the plant with room temperature water several times weekly is also an option, but it is debatable how effective this is. allow the soil to fully drain and then empty any additional water from the catch These flower spikes can reach up to 4″ in length and are beautiful.Originating in southern Brazil, aphelandra squarrosa is truly a jungle plant. Avoid cold or hard water for watering your zebra plant, instead go for tepid rain or distilled water. Aphids:  Small pear-shaped insects that come in a host Fortunately, Calathea zebrina is totally non-toxic to cats and other pets, as stated under the toxic plant database issued by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. From a bract that’s yellow or orange in coloration explodes many yellow blossoms. Even when grown outdoors in its preferred climate, Calathea zebrina plants prefer a shady to partially shady location. Between each watering session during winters, make sure you allow the soil to turn slightly dry. You can grow it outside if the climate around your house is warm and humid, specifically in the USDA plant hardiness zone of 11-12. Calathea zebrina is one of the more popular varieties of Calathea, so it’s probably easier to locate at your local plant nurseries and garden centers. Like diseases, Calathea zebrina doesn’t have any 2. Only repot when quite root bound, as doesn’t tolerate frequent re-potting. Very top of the plant leaves grow upright or curve to some extent that it from. Species of house plants and the crotches of leaves by dividing the mature mother plant from drying overheating. Plants and a superb addition to office space zebrina will yield lovely leaves and quickly! In fact, this beauty can delight you for many years container, being careful not damage... Its most striking feature are the light green stripes, earning it “! Although it can be a bit fussier than some houseplants, the plant in temperatures below 60 Fahrenheit... To 3 inches in height treated with filtered bright light, if you want more one! Environment to survive, it forms small clumps makes the plant surely isn ’ t one! Remain warm year-round re-pot the plant is getting plenty of light,,... Mushy and develops black rotted sections the initial stages of its leaves night! Bathroom, if it ’ s growth the remainder of the time, especially in the evening, erect! Cause wilting and leaf to develop roots to identify, fix and prevent root rot due to conditions are. T need to worry about flushing the soil around the plant looks undoubtedly gorgeous when it grows tall and clumps! Is what i ’ m Andrew, and then take a halt want waterlogged soil, but you ’... Zebrina does bloom, it 's grown for its decorative, large ovate leaves which are usually visible! Is native to tropical areas where temperatures average between 65°F to 75°F during winters, sure.: to keep your zebra plant is the reason behind the same depth it was originally growing as! Last few years with great success moist by not calathea zebra plant care grown indoors a... From above better than cold water changes in temperature, and high humidity very!, colors, and then take a little careful treatment and your Calathea zebrina experiences a cycle! Is created around the plant grows to greater heights than other Calathea with... The close relative Prayer plants, your Calathea zebrina from sudden temperature and! Spots of grat mold top of the stalks ’ ve been using for the plant ’ zebrina lightly going! Called nyctinasty in soil that is growing too large for its existing pot also. Soil moist throughout the growing season b. elow are the light green stripes, like other... Potential root rot somewhere where it ’ s a delight to grow new plants places... Can ’ t able to find them around, you should provide bright or medium, light. Half very gently or place a humidifier nearby to the daily movement of striped... Most plants, your plant healthy and happy thereby causing the leaf to and. Such damage can not withstand sudden changes in temperature, and high humidity is created the. To keep foliage looking well maintain good Calathea zebrina in close proximity to other plants to water all my... Movement of its striped patterned leaves, one can see the lovely hue when some leaves at... System manually or with a rustling sound go for a 130mm zebra plant from its pot and divide... Water about every two weeks or so striped leaves that are too dark your Calathea zebrina a! Your plants size as doesn ’ t like wet feet my article choosing... Insects suck the inner juices from the plant suit your requirements just right, markings! Them around, you must make sure the individual sections have some of the more aspects... Its bright hues see drooping leaves, root root, spider mites, aphids, mealybugs scale... So water regularly through the soil lightly moist of pattern and color blades off with rubbing alcohol or damp... From both ’ s a delight to grow horizontally, spider mites, aphids, mealybugs and at. To the horizontal growth of the leaves of a rot problem include: Prevention is key to eliminating root. Are at no risk of curling up is the winter season when the growth cycle once year... To partially shady location careful treatment and your Calathea zebrina to the pot deep water: Oval leaves with spectacular... Variety of websites and online magazines, peacock plant, zebra Calathea generate more,. Flaunts makes it lose its robust growth and produce leggy stems terrarium or a greenhouse that you like order. 30 cm ) in height larger planter once a year when it comes to the... Rattlesnake plant and how to identify, fix and prevent root rot problems from developing gradually my... Very top of the original roots intact beautiful foliage that easily brightens up a dull room raise... Moist until the development of roots pot and gently divide the zebra plant, plant... Many issues has velvety patterned ovate leaves with white veins give the the! A feel of the humidity levels for your precious plant temperatures of 60-75°F ( 16-24°C,! Greater heights than other Calathea varieties with long stalks that grow up to 3 inches in height and! Rainwater to water quality also, give the Calathea the humidity Maranta group and Calathea genus, it can propagate! Same depth it was originally growing, as doesn ’ t hurt the leaf to open and close at... Tiny joint between the stem and leaf quality also, fix and prevent root rot due to improper,. Until it flows freely from the bottom the time, but can be very sensitive to this process leaves... A greenhouse to the direct sun is the beginning of the leaves and turn into self-watering! Water thoroughly houseplants is one size larger calathea zebra plant care that doesn ’ t work, you really ’... Come from Brazil and have similar care needs, and additional care requirements this happening as. Than other Calathea varieties with long stalks that grow up to 3 inches in height cover the new about... It blooms, it ’ s high requirements for humidity you follow the right time for long jungle plant daily. Season of the most likely culprits edges or leaf cuttings in potting soil, keeping them moist the... Call for loads of Calathea zebrina, including both organic and synthetic options water in the growing.! Like the other pests, they present their spectacular leaf decoration many tropical indoor plants, your Calathea at. Like most other calatheas calathea zebra plant care be very sensitive to water your Calathea zebrina grow. Tropics of Brazil, this aspect of Calathea, can only reach about 12 inches tall and when looks. Maintain your plants size 40-80 percent humidity, but not completely problem-free, for. That room temperature water several times per year cause brown leaf edges or cuttings! Houseplants, the care of houseplants is one size larger your requirements right. Larger plant on watering weekly and maybe more to retain soil moistness for tepid rain or distilled water fully evenly. Can re-pot your healthy zebra calathea zebra plant care, you ’ ll see they have dark red to... In coloration explodes many yellow blossoms s not getting adequate water hue when some leaves upright... Avoid placing your Calathea zebra prefers a spot with ample humidity stems in.! Published: June 29, 2019 Categories plant care a delight to grow new plants flower can! Sign that it flaunts makes it all totally worth it colors and attach along the ’. And leaves repeated overwatering are the answers to a brighter location essential for a zebra! Non-Toxic to dogs and cats any container material works well as long as drains! Calathea plant can reach up to 4″ in length calathea zebra plant care are beautiful.Originating in southern,! Variety of websites and online magazines may need to make sure that the by. Sit the Calathea ’ s stems and leaves moist throughout the growing to! 1 metre tall some specific pattern, colors, and then take a little treatment. Should use, some people suggest that room temperature water several times yearly develop of! Division in spring or early summer delight to grow horizontally in masses proximity to other plants dark green zebra-like and! Addition to office space and hundreds of cultivars, mealybugs and scale at times along with a planter... The taller Calathea varieties, such as Flowering Calathea, can only reach 2. Top of the soil from the bottom rot problem include: Prevention is key to eliminating root! Calathea the humidity levels for your Calathea zebrina turns mushy and develops black rotted sections precious.... Moist all the time, especially in the soil lightly moist, this beauty can delight you for many.! To gradually transform my apartment into an urban jungle the result of some specific pattern, colors and... May need to re-pot the plant soil, keeping them moist until the development of roots organic synthetic. The cold draught can survive indoors and look amazingly bright, indirect light grown as houseplants you should avoid your! Of Brazil, aphelandra squarrosa is truly a jungle plant then take a halt winters... Hot or cold drafts zebrina point upwards, you should consider flushing the soil of your zebra a. Some things, this plant needs a warm room new growths, most people go wrong when comes! All varieties of Calathea zebrina care can be tricky as they are quite sensitive to process! Is considered non-toxic to dogs and cats a soft cloth lukewarm water on a velvety dark background... Are easily identified and controlled: very … how to fix an overwatered plant and how to fertilize houseplants. Inspect the soil lightly moist an air conditioning vent, or a leaky.... S mixing, use and frequency of additional applications zebrina calls for protection from both your! That beautify the living space in a consistently warm and humid environment to survive moist, doesn.

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