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Lauren Tarshis




Gift ideas for a former high fashion christian louboutin shoes sale uk model Hi,I'm angela with freestyle fashionista, and today i'm gonna show you gift ideas for a former high fashion model.We are going to be framing high end designer shopping bags.Okay, so, the ingredients you are going to need are some high end shopping bags, from maybe her favorite designers.You gotta find out what that is so you can pick the right ones.And, don't think that you have to go in the store and you have to buy something to buy the bags.You can go on ebay and buy these for like five bucks.And, then, you're gonna need a frame of your choice.Try to match it with the designer.And, then, i'm gonna be adding some trim to this one, just because i wanna show you guys a couple different ideas to make it a little more jazzy.I'm gonna use double sided tape, and then, i'm gonna use scissors just to cut the trim.It's really easy.Alright, so i wanna move over to this one that i've already framed.This is chanel.Chanel's been around forever, so i chose a frame that looks a little bit older, a little more baroque.And, then, i'm gonna move over to our modern designer, chirstian louboutin, so i wanted to keep a very streamlined frame.I chose this one.We're gonna actually float the bag in the middle of that.So, this is super simple.Let me flip this over, and we're going to open the frame up, pop that christian louboutin mens lace ups out.So, you wanna place the bag right in the center, and like i said, you wanna adjust the straps.You could pull them down a little bit, if needed, i've already done that, and then, super simple, just take the glass, put it back on, and obviously, the bag is kind of thick, so you're gonna wanna press down and put these little things back on.Because this bag is thick, this isn't gonna fit, so you can just toss that aside.And, when i said you wanna keep in mind what the designer's known for, that's just so that you can add a little bit more to the picture frame.So, obviously, christian louboutin is known for his spikes that he covers in, basically everything, all, every stiletto he makes, every bag he makes.So, i thought it would be cute to measure the top and the bottom of the frame with spikes, and go ahead and cut that, and measure it again, 'cause obviously the top is the same length as the bottom.I'm gonna go ahead and just use some double sided tape.But, if you are actually doing it for a gift, i would suggest using e6000 glue.Stick the tape on and then, pull off the back.You wanna adjust it, and then you can pull off the back that way it doesn't get stuck to itself.And, then, press the trim on.Alright, so, this is the finished look for the louboutin with the floating frame, and i added some spikes.This is the look for the chanel.Obviously, this bag would look amazing framed, but you would have to do a custom frame because it's a little bit bigger.And, that is gift ideas for a former high fashion model.I'm angela with freestyle fashionista.Thank you so much for watching!Have a great day!